Crvena analiza

Curator Dejan Vasić


The accumulative installation Crvena analiza stems from Jelena Micić's long-term practice, and is based on the examination of social and political aspects of color (systems). In her practice, the observation of a certain material and color as its appearance is parallel to artistic and social activism aimed at questioning the role of workers in the exhibition space, as well as inviting the participation of visitors through direct experience of the material. The installation is a result of the months-long collection of dispersed chemical elements from the earth, air and water in the village of Radinac near Smederevo, and reveals their further connection through the collection of data and objects, as well as the production of a situation questions the potential of ecological-aesthetic representation in the field of sociality.

In collaboration with the members of Pokret Tvrđava and family Stojanović from Radinac

ULUS gallery, Belgrade (August 2022)

©Ivan Zupanc