Multiple Singularities

A set of works deals with the graduality of the term “public,” particularly in relation to the general participation of actors in a space. The exhibition room is a segment of public space in whose specified area interventions from the outside are negotiated. The process of tracing and archiving selected segments of streets in Vienna and Belgrade as an act of (cultural) transfer explores how public public space really is, focuses on issues of its monitoring and restrictive tendencies, and proposes (temporary) access possibilities.

XВАВООЉАВЉВ is an appropriation of the participants’ correspondence and exchange of opinions on (reshaped) graffiti. The communication is crossed out in a way that ensures that passers-by are still able to read the initial message (Serbian: православље, English: orthodoxy). Both ... and Homeless/Homey incorporate objects or living things into the exhibition space, addressing the interplay between the literal and the symbolic. ... is a collection of cutouts from the free Viennese newspapers Heute and Österreich. The archive material is processed and directly put on view as a pattern structure based on an analog typology image analysis. The latter encompasses various species of plants from the Viennese streets collected and replanted in the unused space between the floor and the wall as an answer to the architectural decision. The work is realized with professional support from Alma Bektaš.


XВАВООЉАВЉВ. 2020. Neon light tubes. 24x170cm
©Richard Zazworka
With Anastasiya Yarovenko. 2016/2019. for humans by humans ©Richard Zazworka
Homeless/Homey. 2020. Architectural intervention with plants. 0,02×0,02×26,3m
.... 2014–2016/2020. Archive of newspaper cutouts. 305x407cm