I know a painter

- liar

he painted the world grey

hid the ladder that noone else may color

all we're left with is raw parquet


Žarko Aleksić, MOLER, 2013


Translated from Serbian: Jelena Micić

Adaptation/voice: Cristina Müller

Duration time: 10 Sec (loop)


The installation is gathered around a set of works thematizing different aspects of ongoing color investigation. The exhibition gathers around an in situ wall painting based on a wordplay depicting (in)distinguishable roles in the act of painting. Color sampling followed by pigment extraction outside and within the living space maps the environmental appearances of color. The discrepancy between textile and the color used in painting (industrial and natural) invites to comparison and visual differentiation, awakening visitor's color sensitivity, while posing the question of a "closer look" as a revealing tool.


Photo credits: ©Ján Kekeli

MOLERAJ. 2019. Installation (Temporary Parapet, Bratislava)
Untitled. 2019. In situ wall painting. Traffic purple, RAL 4006, 7,5x3,4m
Broć, plant sample, dimensions variable
Bojne probe (series). 2018. Acrylic on canvas. 30x30cm
Color catcher (series). 2019. Installation: washing paper. 78 samples ~26x12cm (each)