In her debut gallery presentation Jelena Micić reveals a set of works thematizing different aspects of her long-term color investigations. The exhibition gathers around the methods of color sampling, followed by pigment extraction from her everyday environment underlying socio-political and economic aspects of color and material. While the painting series Color catcher investigates possibilities of a household color theory by (mis)using the washing (machine) paper in order to capture pigments from drink, food, spices, textile, and plants, Palette of my Homeland includes seven types of soils from her hometown Knjaževac in Eastern Serbia. Along with natural substances, Micić also makes use of human-made industrial resources. In the monochrome series Neutralization the author hosts pigments from several kinds of silver/no yellow shampoos. On the other hand, in the analytic painting series Bojne probe (Color probes) is trying to capture an ideal mixture of a pink neon-cobalt violet nuance, and her newest painting strategy involves environmentally hostile material. Single-use plastic will be completely withdrawn from the market by the end of the year, allowing us to witness its safe disappearance. Plastik ist plastisch incorporates plastic products such are garbage bags, cotton buds, and different sorts of packaging simultaneously quoting abstract painting traditions.


Galerie3 Velden

©Johannes Puch