LEDA was a shoe factory located in the city of Knjaževac, Ex-Yugoslavia, nowadays Eastern Serbia, privatized in 2004 by an Italian company. As a was well-known player on the international market in the 1980s LEDA had an opportunity to travel abroad in order to examine the market and find the source of cheap(er) leather. In 1980, the company delegation travelled to Mombasa, Kenya in order to get acquainted with the local offers. Cooperation never occurred due to poor leather quality.

In 1961 the first congress of the Non-Aligned Movement was hosted by the SFR Yugoslavia. The movement gathered around the idea of independence from the block division of the world and enumerated younger countries, impoverished economically, politically and socially, whose main power was their number in the United Nations.

Foundation the Non-Aligned Movement opened a new market for SFRY. Was the act of liberation at the same time the act of colonization?

Investigation is based on the family archive of photos and other advertisement material, as the official factory documents are non-existent sources of information about the details of this event. 


KOŽA. 2020. Installation: wallpaper, photos, objects, sound. Dimensions variable (bleischwer. Fabrikraum, Vienna)
Safari (Kenya). 1980/2020. Wallpaper. 278x362cm
LEDA Delegation photos (Kenya). 1980/2020. Unknown author. 9x13cm (each)
LEDA advertisement program. ca. 1986/2020. Installation: objects. Dimensions variable