Jalovička magaza

Intervention in the form of a monochrome mural painting on the façade panel of the Cultural Center Dragoljub Jovičić is based on architectural elements collected in Jalovik and its surroundings (Vladimirci municipality, Serbia). Patterns on magazas (Turkish – warehouse) found on protective ring of the construction appear as templates, often obtaining variation, or free interpretation in color. Once created, the pattern is transmitted from generation to generation to be rediscovered and reinterpreted during restoration or for sale.

I'm using the original basic template in order to produce new shapes by color, lead the pattern to non-recognition and produce a unique Jalovik magaza.

The 1630x10cm work has been realized at the 41. Jalovik Art Colony Jalovik, Serbia (August 2018) with special help by Lazar Simić and Uroš Todorović


Photo credits: ©Marija Ćalić/Jelena Micić