MUTATION/ADAPTATION is a landscape intervention based on the ornate woodwork at the Ennshof  building (nowadays Reslwirt family resort) in Flachau in the state of Salzburg, Austria. The binding of the intermediate wall beams into the outer wall, which manifest themselves in locally restricted (painted) ornamental forms is called Zierschrot/Klingschrot (decorated end of the log) or Malschrot (painted end of the log). In block construction, these structural elements abandon pure technical necessity in order to become a free play of forms. The corpus of the forms used appears in smaller variations from animal and building shapes, tools, crosses, hearts or letters to geometric figures.  

The intervention transfers, appropriates and deconstructs a number of found forms in horizontal orientation without leaving the architectural context it stems from. The excavated picture puzzle in the white snowfield questions a possible change of the (sign)system.

The 33x3x0,7m (3x3m each shape) snow work has been realized at the minus20degree Art & Architecture Biennale Flachau, Austria (February 2018) with help from the Architects in Residence and Heinz Riegler.


Zierschrot. 2018. Drawing series. 29,7x21cm (each)