Language Works



Picture in a Book - The Book in the Picture (Exhibition view). 2015/2017. Tiefe Kirschen. Lisa Kandlhofer. Vienna
Molotovv Party. 2018. Aquarium. Vienna (exhibition view)
Molaž. Collage (paper - exhibition invitations). 2017. 29,7x21cm
Color Language. Acrylic on MdF. 2016. Ø17,59x1,9cm/19,1x14,9x1,9cm/19,8x6,6x1,9cm/17,8x19,5x1,9cm/16,9x18,9x1,9cm
False Friends. Plexiglas. 2015. 30x30x0,3cm
NEIN. Acrylic on canvas. 2015. 40x40cm
Picture in a Book - The Book in the Picture. Library Intervention. 2013. Dimensions variable
Language Class (Series). Photography. 2012. 30x45cm
The Book. 2010. 19,5x12,3x1,3cm