Notes on female* reproductive labor

Waschhalle Wienerberg, Vienna


Performative, collaborative and participatory installation by the participants of the open working group I KNOW I CARE

with: Sladica Aleksić, Željka Aleksić, Cosima Baum, Aleksandar Bubalo, Lara Erel, Swantje Höft, Georgia Georgiou, Trajche Janushev, Birgit Mennel, Jelena Micić, Cristina Ribeiro Müller, Franziska Schindler, Olya Shapovalova, Maria Sokolova, Tiana Wirth, Inge Wurzer


After a series of inputs and discussions with guest speakers from various cultural fields, backgrounds and socio-­political contexts, the open working group will present their different perspectives on (in)visible (un)waged female* reproductive labor. The artistic and visual research is based on the historical site of the Waschsalon (laundromat) within a Viennese public housing complex—an example for the experimental housing innovations of Das Rote Wien (Red Vienna). The reform in communal living transformed the living and working environment, but in which way did it actually emancipate and support the female* labor force to challenge their social role(s)?  In this sense, the notion of care will be addressed in relation to Marxist feminist perspectives, leaving space for confrontations, but also for ­commoning. The still-functioning laundromat will be open to the public and will serve as a space for exchange with the inhabitants of the current Gemeinde­bau super-blocks.

Project in the frame of the WIENWOCHE Festival.

Photos: Žarko Aleksić, edits: Jelena Micić

The Skirt Station (Cosima Baum, Lara Erel, Franziska Schindler, Inge Wurzer), Tiana Wirth - Documentations
Muttermilch Cocktails
Olga Shapovalova - Invisible Labour
Maria Sokolova - Beratungsstelle
HOPS on the invitation of Trajche Janushev
Jelena Micić, The Skirt Station, Georgia Georgiou
Cristina Müller
The Skirt Station detail
Swantje Höft - Fürsorgehaus
Željka and Sladica Aleksić - Gledaj majku, biraj ćerku
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