Bauštela is an installation appropriating everyday construction work environment on the streets of Vienna. The word itself is a Serbianized (Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian) version of a German word Baustelle  (eng. construction site), which not only depicts Serbian citizens working on construction jobs, but has as well become a symbol of work without papers abroad.


Signal fence. 2018. Performative painting; acrylic on cut canvas. 190x145cm (Delirious Islands. Public space, Belgrade)
Warning west. 2018. Acrylic on canvas. 40x40cm (each)
Warning tape. 2018. Acrylic on cut canvas. 1000x5cm (Rundgang. Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna)
I love Sol, but he loves Josef. 2017. Acrylic on cut canvas. 1000x5cm (Haus der Frau, Linz)
Bauštela. 2017. Installation (construction wood; paint/acrylic on cut canvas). 15x15x200cm/8x1000cm (CREAU, Vienna)