Bauštela is an installation appropriating everyday construction work environment on the streets of Vienna. The word itself is a Serbianized (Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian) version of a German word Baustelle  (eng. construction site), which not only depicts Serbian citizens working on construction jobs, but has as well become a symbol of work without papers abroad.

The installation consists of hand-made construction-wood sculptures painted in the manner of the construction site markings and hand-painted 10m painting-role paintings in the visual style of the warning tape.


I love Sol, but he loves Josef. 2017. Haus der Frau. Linz (Exhibition view)
Bauštela. 2017. Sculpture (construction wood, paint); painting (cut canvas, acrylic). 15x15x200cm; 8x1000cm (Exhibition view)
Bauštela. 2017. Districta #23. Vienna