The everyday professional cleaning process is based on the existence of the specific color rules implemented to achieve a higher level of hygiene.

Rags in different colors, which are used for cleaning and maintenance of the upper surfaces, should not be mixed, as the previously standardized color of the rag is assigned to certain elements of the office. "The 4-color-system" is based on the fact that the red rag is always and exclusively being used for the toilet and surrounding tiles, yellow for the basin, glass and elements around the sink, green for the kitchen and blue for the office furniture as well as the elements within the room.

Incorporating my working experience and appropriating the "science of colors" into my color theory, I make readymade installations based on selected segments of common office rooms (toilet (+) bathroom, kitchen, working/conference room).

Shaping the material carriers of meaning, painted in specified and predefined colors, the objects become materialized idea of the office space, creating the notion of the actual room while simultaneously changing the character and function of the presentation room/gallery space. Designing the everyday objects, both decorative and allusive, the visual space is structured as a staged scene gives a notion of the experience of a "space within the (presentation) space."

Constructing my "natural everyday environment" in which I am existentially immersed create a personalized experience space in form of a spatial bricolage, a model that will give the opportunity for a viewer to additionally construct the whole room out of the fragmented elements of the office. 


FARBENLEHRE: Rot. 2016. Readymade (toilet, seat, brush; paint). 90x90x60cm. ©Ira Tomić/©Igor Ripak
FARBENLEHRE: Rot. 2016. Balkanization. Friday Exit. Vienna (Exhibition view)
FARBENLEHRE: Gelb. 2016. Readymade (sink, tap, mirror, tiles; paint). 90x90x50cm
FARBENLEHRE: Gelb. 2017. Gradual Home. Aacollections. Vienna (Exhibition view)